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We caught up PR specialist and founder of Top Trick Priscilla Pollara to discuss the power of PR. Read on for her invaluable insights and follow @priscillacomms for more PR tips and tricks.

Can you tell us about what you do and why?

I help people with the one thing everyone finds the hardest of all: promoting themselves/their businesses. In my opinion, there is just no point being the person in the room with the most to say, the biggest talent, the most clever service or optimum product but who also doesn’t then tell anyone about it. How will anyone find you? 

Sometimes it’s a messaging problem, sometimes it’s a confidence problem. Sometimes, people look for the publicity in the wrong place. I sort it out!

I work with individuals in corporate life who want better personal PR in rooms full of sharks, I work with micro/small/independent businesses to help them get noticed, get press coverage and not be ignored, I work with individuals, too, and larger companies.

What inspired you to launch Top Trick?

Talking about what one does is the hurdle that catches so many out. But whatever kind of attention people or businesses require (that might be more attention from senior staff in a corporate team, press coverage, a more effective Instagram output or to be offered more collaborations), I know I always can get them in front of the opportunity they want. 

I don’t believe in dead ends. With me, you are always a brainstorm away from a solution. I guarantee it!

For brands who are in the early stages of launching, can you break down PR and why it’s so important to the success of a business?

PR is so much more than what you think the letters P and R stand for. It is how you seem, sound, look, your tone, what you say, what you’re not saying, who you’re talking to, where you’re found, how you’re found. To PR yourself is to raise your profile, and this is something, in this crowded market, that you cannot afford to ignore if you’re starting out or are established. Why? Because you’ll be lost in the overwhelm, and what a shame it would be if someone less good got more attention simply because they invested more in being spotted. Be that person, too.

Your PR do’s and don'ts?

Never ever ever assume anyone knows what you do and what you’re about - and in that therefore I’d say, never ever think you might bore someone by repeating what you do, what you are and how you do it, as in this world of overwhelm, so much needs hammering in!

Your top tips for getting noticed by press?

Do not pitch or try to get noticed by your favourite publication. The dream coverage is probably not the coverage you really ought to be trying to achieve. Who are your favourite, optimum customers? Where do they hang out? What do they read? Does that publication you had in mind really feature businesses like yours?

To get noticed, you need to be actively pitching to journalists not publications, and in doing that you help your pitches along as you’re suggesting to these people you know what they write about and that you’re aware you’ve got something perfect for them. They will appreciate that, too, and it makes everything much more seamless.

Three ways to increase brand exposure?

You need to work out how your optimum customer operates. Do they hang out at art galleries? What is your audience’s age range? How do they consume their information?

How to identify the right paper/magazine for your business?

What piece of press out there today makes you envious because of your absence from it? That’s the one you want, then.

How can a brand set itself apart from others in the industry when approaching press?

No two companies have the same story, and it goes without saying, therefore, that no two people are the same: we all have something different to say. That difference is what sets you apart. Use it!

What are some of your favourite brands who have successfully navigated a PR campaign and won?

Instead of focusing on favourite brands, let’s look at clever ways companies get ahead. Do you remember when the iPhone was launched? That tip of the finger moving across the screen seamlessly tapping buttons effortlessly, making the iphone seem like the answer to everyone’s prayers. It was so enormously effective. The truth is - the Nokia phones we all used before that were pretty much indestructible and were so much better. But their advertising was a tour de force, memorable and very canny PR that saw the iphone overtake anything we’d ever had before. 


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