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email marketing

As Klaviyo Partners specializing in aspirational lifestyle brands, we are here to offer our expertise in creating, managing, and auditing your email marketing strategy. With our comprehensive services, we can help you build a strong email marketing arm for your ecommerce business.

We will build an email marketing arm for your ecommerce business that includes:

  • Integration with Shopify
  • Sign up pages & pop ups
  • Automations - welcome, thank you, abandoned cart/browse/checkout, lapsed customers, anniversary/birthday emails etc
  • Newsletter/Campaign template 



Our team will seamlessly integrate your email marketing platform with Shopify, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of data between the two systems. This integration allows for accurate tracking of customer behavior and enables personalized and targeted email campaigns.


We will design and implement attractive and user-friendly sign-up pages and pop-ups on your website. These will encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list, expanding your reach and potential customer base.


Our experts will set up various automated email sequences to engage your customers at different stages of their journey. This includes welcome emails, thank you emails, abandoned cart/browse/checkout reminders, emails for lapsed customers, and anniversary/birthday emails. These automated emails will help nurture customer relationships and drive conversions.


We will create visually appealing and professionally designed newsletter and campaign templates that align with your brand identity. These templates will save you time and effort when creating and sending out regular email communications to your subscribers.


Our team will develop a strategic email marketing calendar tailored to your business objectives. This calendar will outline the timing and content of your email campaigns, ensuring a consistent and targeted approach throughout the year.


We offer content creation services to help you craft compelling and engaging email copy. Our team of experienced writers will create persuasive and informative content that resonates with your audience, driving higher open and click-through rates.


Using advanced segmentation techniques, we will divide your email list into specific groups based on demographics, purchase history, and engagement levels. This allows for highly targeted and personalized email campaigns that deliver relevant content to each segment, increasing the likelihood of conversions.


We will design and customize preference pages that reflect your brand's aesthetics and values. These pages will allow your subscribers to manage their email preferences, ensuring they receive the content they are most interested in.

With our expertise and comprehensive range of services, we can help you optimize your email marketing strategy and drive meaningful results for your ecommerce business. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your email marketing goals.

  • Email marketing calendars
  • Content creation
  • Audience segmentation
  • Fully branded preference pages