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Terms & Conditions

By accepting the initial proposal and commissioning any subsequent work you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.


1.1 The proposal for the project will be based on the information you supply to us at the time of the initial briefing (which will be conducted either by telephone or meeting) 

1.2 The proposal will be sent to you by email following the initial briefing.

1.3 The proposal will contain a timeline and estimated price according to the scope and requirements of the individual project.

1.4 We will not commence work until you confirm by return email that you agree to the proposal.

1.5 We reserve the right to revise either or both the price and timeline if the scope of the proposal changes.


2.1 All fees are payable on receipt of invoice 

2.2 All new projects are required to pay a deposit.  The terms will be outlined in the proposal.  Any projects that are not started within 6 months of the agreed start date due to client delays will lose their deposit, and new terms, costs and timelines will have to be drawn up.

2.3 You will pay 5% of the invoice amount for each week the balance is not paid after the invoice due date.

2.4 When there is an outstanding invoice, no further work will be carried out until it is paid in full.



3.1 If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you cause delivery of the proposal to be delayed beyond the original project start date, you will pay the full price agreed for the original proposal and Elphick + Co will complete the project at a mutually convenient time in accordance with an amended proposal.

3.2 We will charge on a time basis for any communication/work in addition to that which is anticipated in the proposal.  Time will be recorded.

3.3 Our hourly/daily charges are set out on the proposal.

3.4 Rush fees (for work needed in under 72 hours) will be subject to a 25% price increase, with a minimum of one hour billed.



Telephone calls from or to overseas locations.

Agreed design and/or functionality components (i.e. font licence fees, image license fees, plugin subscriptions)