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web design

A website is a like shop window, it can entice a customer to walk through the door and engage or to walk away.  Even a simple one page website can have a huge impact on your business.  We have created a variety of websites, for global luxury ecommerce sites, women’s lifestyle businesses, travel/holiday property booking sites, B2B sites through to small niche businesses, and have a comprehensive understanding of what works and what converts.  

Elphick + Co can design and build websites, or advise and liaise if you are working with a web design agency.   As well as the website itself we will review the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure you achieve the best possible ranking on Google through best practice and relevant content.

How we help

+ Desktop design

+ Mobile design

+ Complex coding

+ E-commerce

+ Functionality*


+ Analysis

* contact forms, questionnaires, online booking, ticket sales, membership sites & online courses