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Of Memo press

We worked with Alice on revamping a pre-existing site for her beautiful bespoke stationery company, Memo Press. This involved moving her over to a newer, and more dynamic, 2.0 Shopify theme - one with better design and functionality capabilities and one which would do Memo Press justice. Her new website allows for a slick and seamless customer experience, with easy navigation to both ready-to-ship and bespoke pieces, and an aesthetic showcasing of her collections. The site clearly communicates the ethos of the brand, Alice's hands-on and personal approach, and the quality of her product. It was a delight to work with Alice on this project and we're thrilled to have caught up with her on all-things Memo Press.


Memo Press is a bespoke stationery company that specialises in timeless designs. We make timeless greetings cards and wrapping paper decorated with watercolour illustrations. As well as small batch personalised note cards and writing paper, each sheet of which is personalised by hand with calligraphy. Everything we make is produced here in the UK and is as plastic free and sustainable as possible.

What inspired you to launch an e-commerce business?

Truthfully I’d always loved the idea of a physical store but we launched in 2020 so that simply wasn’t possible. E-commerce was the only way forward and is now the absolute backbone our business. 

Tell us what you love about Shopify?

The essential building blocks are super user friendly. The more complex things I have definitely had to find an expert but day to day, as a novice I can navigate the site pretty competently and whatsmore it rarely goes wrong.

How as an online business do you connect with your customers?

That part is sometimes hard, translating something so physical into a digital space. We’ve found that because many of our products come with an element of personalisation it becomes more of a thoughtful and engaged purchase..

What marketing activities work best for you?

We’re definitely still learning, not least up to now all our growth has been organic as we’ve yet to put any budget behind marketing. I honestly enjoy writing our email send outs, I look at my own buying habits or needs and go from there. Whether it's keeping a good stock of Birthday cards to hand or starting to plan Christmas.

Tell us about any successful collaborations or cross marketing campaigns that have worked well

Collaborations are perhaps my favourite part of the business. I paint all our illustrations and so working with other creatives is really exciting. We have been so fortunate to work with dream brands who are much more established than us and the experience both as an illustrator and as a business has been invaluable. Our first ever collaboration was with FlowerBx and the phenomenal Whitney their CEO. Working with Whitney changed our business in so many ways for which I’m eternally grateful. 

Who are your e-commerce business heroes and why?

Predictably Natalie Massenet for changing the game and on a personal note costing me a fortune to this day, Net-a-Porter is my kryptonite.

Who would you love to see buying your product?

Can I say everyone? We have some incredible clients whether through the brand work we do (Memo Press works with brands such as Tiffany & Co., Sisley Paris, Harry Winston, Dr Barbara Sturm and Manolo Blahnik), or with our private clients but I’m evangelical about how beautiful wrapping paper and a card and transform even the most modest of presents into a beautiful gift.

Where/who do you look to for design inspiration?

Rather selfishly, I always start with what I need or what I’m on the hunt for. I also have a huge pinboard in the studio with endless things I’ve cut out or taken polaroids of. I think designing is a little bit like shopping, choose (or create) things you love and the occasion will find you. If I wait until I actually need to design the Christmas collection and then look for inspiration I’d be lost. For me there’s something about necessity being a thief to creativity.

We’d love a quote/ testimonial about your experience working with Elphick + Co

I am so grateful I found the Elphick + Co team. The functional/back end side of our site hadn’t been updated in almost 3 years. Katherine was the dream and whipped the site into shape in no time, suggesting and executing tweaks and new apps I never would have heard of or thought of for that matter. I only wish I’d found the team sooner!

Finally, can you share any exciting plans you have for the business? What’s coming up in 2024?

It’s a big, big year for us, alongside the new site we’re opening our first showroom in London in July! It’s going to be both our new studio and also a shop where you can pop in, come and see us about bespoke work and we’ll also have events too. And last but not least we have 3 new collaborations launching which are under wraps for now if you’ll forgive the pun.


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